Kevin Wolff in 60 Seconds

Hi there, I'm a brand system expert and creative catalyst with experience across verticals as well as directing both internal and agency teams. I bring a blend of skill, passion for the craft, steady leadership, and a sense of humor that can make even the most serious work sprints feel manageable.

My passion lies in condensing the complexities of your brand's persona or products into clear and beautiful brand systems backed by emotion and data. I operate well as a conduit and collaborator between cross-functional teams as a result of a broad background across business, product, creative, and engineering - understanding how to communicate with each group, while knowing their limits and timelines.

I specialize in telling memorable stories that steal hearts and minds, crafting stunning products that jump off the shelves, and producing jaw-dropping visual experiences that make your brand come alive in any medium.

You can't afford to skate by with the ordinary in today's noisy media landscape. Hire me, and let's create brands that stick!

-Kevin Wolff